New Train Subway Surf; Rail Rush 3D 2018

New Train Subway Surf; Rail Rush 3D 2018

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Arcade | 36.9MB | Update: 2018-01-20 | Version: 1.0 | Requires: Android4.1 or later

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Train Subway Surf: Rail Rush 3D is the most interesting game because the hallmark of this game is run along the railroad tracks, one of the most entertaining and challenging arcade game, from this game you are required to escape as far as possible from the pursuit of the railway guard is guarding the train runner carriage, the reason is because you have made the train carriage very dirty.
Subway surf new 2018 is a an amazing running game, which you will be pursued by the railway guard, because you have soiled the train carriage, so the officers are very angry at you, and when the subway rush is a challenge will come to you.
Train subway surf of railway rush, super crazy running game, subway surf free download game, free coins and keys, has many characters and items in the game that will make you more comfortable to play this new game 2018. In this game you will be taken somewhere familiar but that place will have a very difficult challenge for you to conquer. Before we explain the characters and in-game items, we will discuss how to play this subway rush.
How to play subway surf free game:
1. As I explained above, the hallmark of this game run. When you run you will be chased by a security guard then run as fast as possible, because there will be many challenges in front that will make you caught. When you run and in front there is a hitch then you can shift the player to left, right, up and down, you must be careful and focused.
2. When you run not just the obstacles you go through but you will find various items while running, try to take your items. (item will be explained below)
3. As you run, you must be calm, relaxed.
That's the explanation of how to play a subway rush game, a game that looks easy but hard to conquer. Next I will explain the items in this subway rush surfers.
In-game items:
- Rocket: If you take a rocket when you run, then you will fly, while flying you will not find obstacles.
- Jumping Shoes: If you find the item and pick it up, then you will be able to jump over the oncoming train to you, you will be able to jump over the train.
- Flying Sticks: Certainly if you take the stick then you can fly too, just as with rocket items, but your flying time is not far away.
- Skateboard: Usually a skateboard for you to surf on the beach, but in this game you will be surfing on the railroad tracks, one more thing, if you use a skateboard to surf on fast rail, then you will get a one-time chance if you hit the train or other obstacles.
- Gold Coins: Coins are the most important in this rail rush game, as they can be exchanged for various characters and in-game items.
- Coin Adhesives: These items are useful for free collecting coins with ease.
- Bonus Box: If you find a yellow box, then take it, because you can get a bonus of various items.
Following Excellence from Subway Rail Rush game:
- 3D Games
- Super HD quality
- The picture is very clear
- Has a small size
- Easy interface
- Very light game
- Includes adventure games
- Challenge
- Fun
That's the explanation of the item in the 2018 subway, I hope you're happy with our game.
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